Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beam me up Scotty!

   Well, it's not a new insight that, no matter what, in the end all and every thing is doomed to tumbling into a black hole. What to make of it if anything? Question all there is? Quit work? Restart? Jump off a space shuttle?  
   Because e-ve-ry-thing is pointless
   Even the very existence of a black hole causing all this pointlessness: pointless
   Suddenly immersion seems to be quite an attractive idea. If only I could become part of the Star Trek crew. Access to the holodeck would be granted for free.
   Now what? 
   Making choices is all one can do. We are the ones creating the holodeck: Reality is what we make it. Poetry. Dance. Art. Nature. Beauty. Love. Passion. Life. Doesn't sound too bad to me. Incredibly intriguing actually. Still pointless?
   Hmm. Maybe. But it means a whole lot to me. And pointlessness may be the key.