Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pick a Tree

   Ever felt like you haven't really figured out yet what to do with your life  but there is no point in musing too much about it  right now and anyway everyone needs to sleep from time to time and tomorrow is a new day? 
Last time I was sleeping a fairy came to me saying „Hey, you are doomed.”
  “Yes”, I said, “I know.”
“No”, she said, “I don’t mean mankind, I mean you.”
  “Yes”, I said, “I know.”
“No”, she said “I mean you are supposed to turn into a tree tomorrow.”
  “Really? Why that?” I asked.
"Oh, no special reason", she said "it's just that tomorrow it's your turn." 
   "No, I mean, why a tree?", I pointed out.
“Because all of you are turning into trees when you die, didn’t you know that? I thought that was why you so rigorously chop down the woods?"
  “Nope”, I said, “that we do because we are doomed. Same reason behind starting a war or starving people I guess.”
"Hmm ...", she was puzzled. "Anyway”, she said, “I like your ears. So, I let you choose. Either you live one more year and then turn into a tree or tomorrow it will be.”
  “What kind of tree?”, I asked, because there is no way in the world I would ever want to end up as a Christmas or topping out tree.
“You choose”, she said, “that's the point. It’s up to you. Otherwise I could just as well turn you into a tree right now. Choose wisely. Whichever tree it may be, you have one more year to figure it out.” Then she disappeared.
  When I woke up this morning I was not sure whether I dreamt or it was true, but there was a golden hair on my pillow, so I suspect that in one year time I might turn into a tree. Nothing special about that, because, as the fairy said, one or the other day we all are going to. 
   The difference is, now I know, and there is only one more year to go. And I need to make a choice. I have never been good at making choices though. I have never thought about what sorts of trees exist in the world either. What will I be? Let me see ... maybe an oak tree, or a birch tree, ... or a chestnut tree, ... a tropical tree, ... or an African Baobab, ... a Giant Sequoia, … oh boy, why she gave me only one more year? There are so many possibilities, I at least need two years to look up each and every one of them ... Sugi ... Manna Gum ...