Thursday, November 03, 2011

The tower

In the midst of an ocean stands a giant tower.
We anchor the boat.
Stairs wind around walls, we spiral fidgety.
No balustrade to cling to.
Passing black panes, I see a pirate’s eye.
Passing another, reflecting sunlight, your gleaming face.
Stairs behind us drop.
Breathlessly upwards we hustle.
From the apex we guess the world’s horizon.
It makes us wonder.
The only way off is to jump, 
tumble, dive into deep water.
Wind swirls up your hair.
I'm touched by sunlight's ray.
When it sets, we lose sight,
might fade away, spiraling
into deeper midst of a tightening tower.
Lost birds are waiting for us to come.
Do you remember?
They fell off the sky.