Friday, December 02, 2011

Sealing crevices

I was here all the time
busy in my emptiness room
sealing crevices lest they augmented
while you were chafing your own way through
all my filling
I had stuffed into walls
making them stronger, dampening sounds
wailing out hopes
dreams and desires molding my mind.

As soon as I rest 
crevices grow 
ramifications I do not want
to come out of hiding.
Cracks could ease wounds 
of silken fingers digging through mold.

I keep myself busy
keep you afar, keep myself inside
stiffening walls
repeat myself, head on my hand
repeat myself, hand on my head
not daring to break what wrenches shoulders
and sprains my chest in unbearable pain
since I forget
in mediocrity and indifference.