Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weight of all hearts

Weight of all hearts
wrapped in stormy hair
spinning over lodestones

How many stones to bury a lake?
flooding fields under my nails

How many songs does a bird sing?
with no land to land on
before throwing herself in water
How long will she swim?

How many days will we believe?
in sunset and talk
about sunrise
before we march

Is it light that forms the core
of my lake’s darkness
or is it darkness that beats
            light within my core?

When we get lost
are paths too entangled
           or is it lack of ray density?

Is it your dreams
is it my needle
I feel 
without sight
                            I’m spinning, airborne!

           How could you dare
           write about snowflakes,
          and make me read glaciers?
          melt them to words

Is there just this song
                                 and did you know
its melody before 
            tones conquered a heart?

Where is it heading
and why am I freezing
              trapped in a desert
under three suns
touching my skin?

I’m sleeping on dry sand
no ribbon
to tame my long hair
                      wrapped around fingers
                     digging out rocks
to find buried rivers
        dried out lands

Tide within heartbeats
I know
you know I know
earth does not spin 
                 like a bottel!