Friday, February 03, 2012

His plight

When you asked me for a favour
You cried without tears, but I could tell
Snow covered your eyes, tiny little flakes
Caught up in your lashes, melting in light.

In a mix of desires my shadow serves your believes.
It is so cold outside, icecastles grow from rivers,
We skate around but never go inside.

When you come back, you said,
I might be dead, and the castles be molten.
Can’t you stay and wait till winter is over?

You know my wings would grow old,
unlearn to fly, I would turn cold or fall from the sky.
But then, is it too much to ask me to suffer.

I left you and your castles and remember
One window in the taller left tower.
To make me see his reflection
Someone switched on and off the light.

Sometimes when I wander in streets,
Tiny little alleys, pass around a corner,
I expect to find him waiting to hand over
His plight. Switching on and off the light.