Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter had grown

I sat on the steps to my garden
waiting for nothing. Winter had grown
and covered me in snow. A fine layer 
gleamed on my fingers,
my hair, my chest and my naked toes.

I sat still, listened to trees tinkling
while all birds had headed South. 
After many days and nights,
my heart was frozen too. I didn’t hear a beat, 
my lips were blue, my lashes breaking,
didn’t know, was I dead or still alive.

One afternoon, 
just before the sun set behind the trees, 
a soft breeze rustled through their branches.
It was time for him to come.
He sang to me with a warm and deep voice.
Very close to my ear I heard the sweetest melody,
it captured me. My heart started beating,
a rush of blood danced in my chest,
flooded my fingers, flooded my head.

He kissed my lashes, woke up the trees,
tiny little flowers unfolding in ice, 
sending their scents to my garden's rearmost corners,
awakening beehives with all their fragile strength.

He picked a blossom from a nearby tree, 
very gently, placed it in my hair,
a cherry blossom melted me in sunset
and all my layers of adamantine ice.