Thursday, February 02, 2012

a pretentious layer of sun

have been staring at this square
for hours, days, many more to come;

the right eye’s view flinches
into the left, slightly irritated

I wonder why it moves, observe,
monitor it closely, I know

it doesn’t move,
still I suspect the square

to play a trick on me, too proud
to think of my eyes

being tired;
they don’t even look baggy yet,

it’s just my skin,
pale toothpaste,

my natural colour,
everything else a pretentious layer of sun;

if I was still in school,
teachers would send me home

again and I wouldn’t mind
looking sick, for a day or two

to think about life and all,
what to do with my future;

but school is over for good,
nobody sends me home to think

and I keep staring
at this square on my desk

and wonder when
it learned to play tricks