Friday, September 28, 2012

a sky without moon

the depth of my well
take a glimpse
over the rim
dark water
a sky without moon

Thursday, September 27, 2012

sometimes shaken

sometimes shaken by this steadiness
earth keeps turning around the same kind
in each morning’s encounter of absentness, eyes
looking slightly passed my steps, the man
who sleeps behind the smell of trash containers
I almost fall
over the dirt, while cows keep chewing plastic
with this sturdiness, big black birds land on their backs
a few metres up the road, a tiny old woman sits
on her wagon of vegetables, people buy
meat, freshly slaughtered fish on ice,
nothing stays long
in this heat, except for the smile of the guard
waking all night, walking into my dim room 
with bright eyes, making me wonder, how on earth
can I be sad

Monday, September 24, 2012

full dissolution

all is
desire for union
longing for life
artistic expression
sexual passion
spiritual longing
union with god
full dissolution
journey to nowhere
we whimper
we strive

a lake that swallowed the sun

you are just one
your scent
are the flowers
the sturdy ones
they never die
i touch
all leaves in my garden
with quivering fingers
sensing your skin
i see a bright moon's image
in a lake that swallowed the sun
rain touches my face
melted glacier dew
cooling my fever
salty lips of an ocean
i imagine
without, i cannot survive

Thursday, September 13, 2012

giant wave

a giant wave
standing at the shore
all save
i overthrow you
take you
into deep water

A glacier fighting

A glacier fighting
against melting and then
the entire avalanche
comes down.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

blue flowers on a wall

world of dreams locked away
how to access those sacred places
palaces in huts
visible only after passing three doors
caves under caves, mountains in mountains
at the end of the corridor
a giant hall
crystal lights and silken curtains,
drawings on the wall, carvings, pillars
and behind that all a little secret door
fragrance of spring,
blue flowers on a wall
green hills and a river,
always alone there
no one to share,
no one to dare
silent and rare

lunatic cycles

exuberance, laughter,
sudden destruction
in me a storm,
a warning from the deep
three mountains
hanging in the sky,
to reach a peak
i need to break
lunatic cycles
captivating my body
carved into barks, those words
a knife couldn't swallow
while frost ate away
the leaves i held
onto in spring
i had them watered
when your sky
was still blue
and mine

dropped onto a stone

sometimes i flow in deepest ground
become the river, carving not only
the outer part of rock
i shape a hole, right in the middle
of hope, deep hanging clouds
embracing a mountain, somewhere
in the distance three twigs
growing from a misty slope
a leave has changed colour
dropped onto a stone
waiting for rain
rinsing its stains
while i am streaming up

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


They are in each of my heartbeats
The ones in my veins
Bleeding out
At point of departure
Stop looking for me looking at you
My mind is a clockwork
With no way out of turning the wheels

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Marry me to the sky
The world is upside down
Must I always drown
When I decide to fly

Monday, September 03, 2012

Nothing else

I took up this route without a plan
Sitting behind the driver
From a to be, ending up
At c where I need to bargain
Over the skin price again
I step on the side walk
Where a blind man
Waits for the moon to smile
At him
And I wonder, when
Was the last time I danced
In the streets without bodies
Flooded by rain
Sleeping too close to traffic
Almost killing my sense of direction
I keep walking,
Nothing else makes sense