Monday, February 18, 2013


Ich hatte mir vor 
genommen, Dich langsam 
zu lesen,
Weil du stirbst,
Wenn ich’s zuende bring;
Dachte mich
In Dich und stellte
Meinen Fluss ein;
Schleiche seit dem
Hinter her

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The end of a room

The moment you commence
To fear your protector
Is the time to think
About the end
Of a room and jump

In full spate

A world’s giant mouth
Built me and my sister
Spit us out
On the banks of a river
In full spate
I hurried to the spring
She hurried to the lake
I feed what she contains
She yields what I pour in

something new

freedom for the whiteboard
turn the page and draw
something new

The world's giant rivers

How can warmth and tenderness
Not melt all glaciers
The world’s giant rivers
In an ocean of tears


In those moments
Most vulnerable
You walk away
Don’t you know
About my treasure
Precious decay

Being human

I said, I’ve read
And with that
I excused my self
For being human