Sunday, March 17, 2013

Under surfaces

He takes me to exhibitions
Where they show peacocks made of bangles
And houses out of wooden ice cream sticks
Some times a clock framed into mirror mosaic

He makes them clap, without battery
But that can be changed
Like a mood into happiness,
Some thing hidden under surfaces

While time doesn’t halt
I think of a TV show that I didn’t like
Something was wrong with it

A well in a fish bowl,
A robot in a vase, little plastic beads
I look right through them

On the other side a crematorium,
Ashes carried by a breeze
The chimney behind the fruit seller’s place
Onto my lips and his graying hair,
Tiny little flakes, nobody spots them
But I taste decay

He makes me run as if I didn’t exist
The walk was a waste of time, he says
While I had kept it sacred
Ruins of a castle, sheltering 
Birds in a park, I should burn it down
What is a life worth without the memory of it

The car crosses a river without water
Everybody seems fine with it
Squeezing a smile out of grapes
A little drop might fill a lake
I could swim to the other side
A golden bank where I could hide
While he sells the wrong currency

White paper flakes, I owe him
A hundred thousand pieces
Because I feel 
Used and tired of expressing it

I remember one child
Had made a black TV
He said he liked it

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The curtain

Sweating in the heat, a switched off fan,
Too noisy for the head, reflections keep swirling
I wished the curtain had not fallen off
Old and rusty nails, like mine never polished
Despite your pleading, I don’t walk away
Is it really so far, or is nearness decay

I wait for madness

I type myself
Into a machine
So nobody asks me
To smile myself
Into a machine

Hidden behind curtains
I wait for madness
To come
To a daily end

b lightr

Hw cn one b lightr
Whn rain kps adding
WGHT to Sprng

The horizon is not

The horizon is not
How to stand still
On a line 
Without drawing

a ray of light is bending

unsettledness of snow
a mirror in a well
you show me what counts
in a world without ending

where I go from here
tells where I went before
the call is never new
a ray of light is bending

asking for perspectives
how could I complain
confusion of the mind
black and blue keep blending

Cacophony of sounds

Danced before you, bare feet
Splinters on the ballroom floor
Pretending to be numb
A side effect of being drunk
Every note hurts
You turn the pages,
Keep me dancing
A thousand more miles
A thousand more rounds
Searching for
The chamber of smiles
Lost in a
Cacophony of sounds