Sunday, April 21, 2013

The favourite

While we sat under the mango tree
In the shade of His mighty branches
You exhaled your breath on me

Soaked in air and rain
All my madness and pain
Disappeared behind the contour of a mountain 

I followed the sun
To a lake of indigo blue
It had the size of an ocean

I taught you not to run
All there is to do, I said
Is to keep the mind in slow motion

That was one hour ago
Now there is coffee on the table
I'm watching a late night show
And you are out
To feed your favourite horse in the stable

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Erwarte ich

Du lernst mich
Das Fuerchten
Deiner Neigung,
Wenn Dein Atem
Die Stille
Des Abends umstimmt,
Im vertrauten Gras
Erwarte ich
Toene der Vertreibung

My thoughts fell apart

When I was lying on grass
Surrounded by your shadows
I prayed for stars
To lighten your path
Your shadows grew darker
My thoughts fell apart
In an abyss of water
We swallowed the meadows
Of your lake’s fundament
Too heavy to swim
To get to the rim
Of the lake you had gouged
Into my piece of land
Green and soft
It had been on surface

Why did you bend
Each single tip of grass
Was it not enough
That the child had a drum
To beat into my heart
All those melodies
You feed to the birds
Every day I wonder
Will they come to an end
When trees begin to ponder
When leaves begin to bend

Rivers are illusions
Of a merciful sun
They make me strong
So I can walk along
In the vastness of a shiver
The scent of tears
Lingers behind corners
When rain fell on my skin
The last time I felt spring
You walked so fast
I forgot to chart
The tiny little cracks
That make leeway 
For whispers from within


Thursday, April 18, 2013


you are my blues
in every sense
are you the muse
that leaves me blind
in all the queues
when I get stuck
without excuse

Thursday, April 11, 2013


authenticity is complete awareness of all being nothing without alternative in a state of all alternatives while at the same time knowing to be a growing feather in the chaos of the bird that is nothing but dust in a process of emergence towards no point in time
i am
without variance
every thing
no thing
at all
dumdidum ey ey

Monday, April 08, 2013

Fire rituals

In the night
When tears turn into mountains
Waterfalls, I jump
A sky’s reflection

The blue of my eyes
The sound of your voice
For the good and the bad
That might come along

Elephants without ears
Rabbits without eyes
You said they do no harm

My dreams are
Fire rituals
Older than the sun

You walk away
Bleeding feet without traces
I know where they have gone

When I close my eyes
I see nothing
Can ever be undone