Saturday, April 20, 2013

My thoughts fell apart

When I was lying on grass
Surrounded by your shadows
I prayed for stars
To lighten your path
Your shadows grew darker
My thoughts fell apart
In an abyss of water
We swallowed the meadows
Of your lake’s fundament
Too heavy to swim
To get to the rim
Of the lake you had gouged
Into my piece of land
Green and soft
It had been on surface

Why did you bend
Each single tip of grass
Was it not enough
That the child had a drum
To beat into my heart
All those melodies
You feed to the birds
Every day I wonder
Will they come to an end
When trees begin to ponder
When leaves begin to bend

Rivers are illusions
Of a merciful sun
They make me strong
So I can walk along
In the vastness of a shiver
The scent of tears
Lingers behind corners
When rain fell on my skin
The last time I felt spring
You walked so fast
I forgot to chart
The tiny little cracks
That make leeway 
For whispers from within