Wednesday, July 24, 2013

midnight bride

because of my sister's knife  
the dress gave way - a peephole
to the other side, hazelnut tree,
golden leaves dropped from a glass bowl,
the father knew, the death of his wife
was nearer than the worn out womb
on the daughter's bedside table

he left the two for merchandise
one falling into ashes, swept by the other
under roots of a hazelnut tree
cookerikoo, three wishes for free
she turned into a midnight bride
a million dirty feet, a staircase
and a lost golden shoe,
her chariot passed the golden fields
feet that never touch ground
watched by a warden,
warnings of a pumpkin, chained
behind fences of a finely kept garden

all was nurtured by whispers
the hazelnut tree
cookerikoo, three wishes for free
roots firmly grounded in ashes
were they for free
sailing carelessly
the ocean, smelling the woods,
golden fields at midnight,
hands touching life, feet breaking free
golden shoe on a staircase
a million dirty feet
walk, walk till they bleed
the shiny prince is after you

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


the entire planet
crashes down

i am the black hole

between lungs and heart
fallen stars

the moon is a spider
swallowing the sun

black firmament

Monday, July 22, 2013

up and through

What made you think
all my life
rotates around you?
Actually, it does
but cannot I expect you to
be a bit more humble!

What makes me think
your thoughts wander
first thing in the morning
to me -
I do
not want to know
but i do know if
I was more humble
I could not get
up and through 
another humble morning!

the papercut master

i wished i knew
what is a love's phantom
and what is the real
substance of glue

as if someone decided to
punch me out
foldable dolls on the string
of an evil papercut master

he just pressed
one page to the other
pursed lips, hips
clasped by the hand's
sudden fingers in the crotch

i walked into a bar
he bought me a scotch
then one thing led to the other -
unfolding a thread of
unfoldable doors

in the tin soldier mould

we were wondering whether
air contracts or expands under
the increasing heat of the tongue

bursting ice, atoms, accelerating
flames, precipitating
melting shadows from the wall

all became a vast, empty fireball
crystals cracking, brutal
reflection in my sound perception,

every word was noise,
i filled my head with pillow feathers
could not hear myself under the voice

of those dreams that i wrote
into my letters, head in the oven,
just switched it on and then the other one
in the tin soldier mould

was it a question of failed restraint
or of anamnesis morbi
fish soldiers must end up in flames
followed by fragile paper dancers
but these were flesh and bones
nurturing life lines

one decided to cut them 
with wet towels
the other phased it out as
dead end

Sunday, July 21, 2013

carved out

i lost
my depth
in a lake's surface

carved out 
potato eater's nostrils

full velvet cheeks
the umbilical chord
washed away in streams

of mystical intention
what drew them together
parted me forever

i do not 

trembling in the windows

i so wished
the Tibetan bell
i hid in the sculpture
would herald redemption

you crafted for me
chimes in the wind
trembling in the windows
i shattered all of them in anger

my white hair in the shadows
i hang upside down
crawlers under toenails
bind me to the beam

one drop of blood
absorbs all the poison
o, bleeding heart
i wished you were a clockwork
mechanised and accurate

behind bars

it is boiling
deep down in the guts
it is boiling, i asked
for the tunica
all i got were murals

of forests behind bars

yellow leaves

see those yellow leaves
what a beautiful reflection
i threw them
into the deepest furrow
that we once walked upon


haunted in a corner
of the eye
lashes like hinges
if only i
could slam the lid
side glances
scars on my dress
alabaster pattern
the lamp shade
tells a foreign myth
a whisper
of my haunted shadow's
sub consciousness

Tamed, they turn

One sided face from far
Skin, touched by a shimmer
Dew in the hair
I may not, but
My fingers hear a different master
Residing beyond
Silent ponds
Tamed, they turn

Into giant tigers

Thursday, July 11, 2013