Wednesday, July 24, 2013

midnight bride

because of my sister's knife  
the dress gave way - a peephole
to the other side, hazelnut tree,
golden leaves dropped from a glass bowl,
the father knew, the death of his wife
was nearer than the worn out womb
on the daughter's bedside table

he left the two for merchandise
one falling into ashes, swept by the other
under roots of a hazelnut tree
cookerikoo, three wishes for free
she turned into a midnight bride
a million dirty feet, a staircase
and a lost golden shoe,
her chariot passed the golden fields
feet that never touch ground
watched by a warden,
warnings of a pumpkin, chained
behind fences of a finely kept garden

all was nurtured by whispers
the hazelnut tree
cookerikoo, three wishes for free
roots firmly grounded in ashes
were they for free
sailing carelessly
the ocean, smelling the woods,
golden fields at midnight,
hands touching life, feet breaking free
golden shoe on a staircase
a million dirty feet
walk, walk till they bleed
the shiny prince is after you