Monday, September 30, 2013

It would

I asked for a German book.
He brought chocolate and the airplane menu card.
I cried, locked up in crevices.
The wall had grown too hard.
The world wouldn’t end, whatever means I took.
After all, I'm only flesh and blood.
I really wished it would.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

In their embrace

Rain set in
It was a good one
Extinguishing fires along the river shore
Women sat within
Horses ran over fields welcoming spring
Fear dissolved,
Fresh breeze, clear sky
Freedom in everyone's wings
We flew
Higher than clouds
Farther than sky
Three moons and no horizon
All became small, below

The night pure and dark
Enfolded the light
The sorrow
The human plight
Two people on a bench
In their embrace
The universe

three mountains and a river

walking stick abandoned
secretly preserved
three mountains and a river

all my birds
dug out a well
cloud shades swim
in the stream of my conscience

sitting in the shade
of an almond tree
giant branches caress my hair

i hear the parrots
i hear the tiger
i hear the desert
i hear the dim
nights surrounding my mornings

walk in my footsteps
take a picture - burnt hands
blue flowers in the sand

a cloud bursts behind the horizon
two rocks collide
nothing will forever stand