Saturday, November 16, 2013

I place myself

Stuck in a cotton ball  
Extrusion, I look at your palace
The king has left
An impression on my skin
Injected sounds of Hampi
I cannot see 
Myself in his eyeballs
Dreams have told him
My thoughts are still
In the tram, in the garden
Why do they eat
Never without warden
From a golden platter
I place myself
Under the bridge
With forbidden sweets

Will I find back
When the children have left
The house, empty it stands
On the edge of a hill 
Behind a treeline two birds
One has lost its feathers
The other lost its feet
Will one carry the other
In flight and in defeat

I walk into a golden tunnel
Melting in its heat
Teach me 
How to reach the surface
Teach me, the mystery repeats