Thursday, November 21, 2013

The very moment

Just the mere thought of falling makes me shudder, you said
I fall all the time, out of every country, town, window frame
I fall and bleed and die and cut myself into pieces
I stopped eating animals, because I ate myself
And tell the story of compassion and how the machinery
Drove me insane, almost, when I vomited hairballs
Into the claws of a tiger, I went wild in the streets
Became your vulture, admired the scent, this sweet little flower
That grows in every heart at the very point of death
The stillness after the last beat, you told me,
Is the essence of life, the very moment, when all
Becomes one and indeterminate, are we striving for that,
I wonder and dive into the ocean, where I can forget
The nights in which I swallowed the rain, sleeping between tracks
Tasting iron, while others sat in waggons tasting wine, heading into directions
I stopped boarding them because I could go nowhere 
The coldness of the ocean lets me slowly forget
The blessings and the curses of being your lover, a rampage’s minor threat
Maybe I can sleep now, while falling I can sleep till I reach the core
The ground of devotion where nothing counts and all is
Without end, dead.