Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wrapped up

Will not renunciate
My life is more than
Incomplete a blessing
A curse
Dubious heart
Beating in darkness
Locked into my dreams

Underwater creatures
Wax encapsulating 
My fingers in the heat
Slowly emancipating
Royal colours

Wrapped up the roots
Rampaging moods
Flowing with the beat

Waxfigures around
Why do they not bleed
I wanted them to bleed!

Slowing me down, age
You bastard of time
I fucked you
Only to see your ugly smile
I owe what I stole
From the child of time

He lurked around corners
Kept smiling, this grin
Yellow teeth
I wanted to shoot him
Right through the brain

That yellow smile
Driving me insane
But he wouldn't bleed!

Royal colours,
Wrapped around roots
Is it my fault
I wanted to shoot him
But he wouldn't bleed!