Sunday, January 26, 2014

Flooding a village

You drank what I hid in my pocket
Because I tried to be reasonable
Though all I desired was going mad
With you maybe or with the idea
That you had planted in my soil
One night when
I was still sleeping, unsuspecting
And naïve, to a certain extent
Not anticipating that rain soon
Would leave the soil wet, create
A hatchery of saplings overgrowing
Houses, corroding all that
Cannot be reversed, I didn’t dare
To speak and then had to say it all
In one go, a waterfall fed by a glacier
Flooding a village and a town 
The entire valley of things under construction
Because objectives didn’t matter
And neither did I or you for that matter
What would have been better
To never know or to drown
In the glacier's hidden meanings 
That you and I had shared