Friday, February 21, 2014


My society is very progressive.
Just recently it 
built a new street.
The people, who work on and around
The layers of concrete, sleep
In the parking lot, under plastic sheets.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In the waves

Why such a fuss in the waves
when all that counts
are currents under ground.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

slave and master

words were my slaves
now they are my master
contentment in silence
is all i long for
but i must speak
because i am lost
ending up further
from what i had asked for

A gentle breeze

Miracles do not come with thunderstorm.
They happen silently, almost invisibly,
A gentle breeze tingling the skin.

I end up confused
Between what is real and what is
Imagined within.

A hundred thousand ping pong balls

I grew this shell for protection. I burn inside and then I cannot get out because of the very shell that I grew. He called it shelter and placed it into a wood with trees that would not burn. This wood had no time but a beautiful couple with fire. He borrowed from their heat - as if it could ever be anyone’s - and set the house on fire. Ladders grew from window frames. They grew and ended up nowhere. I wanted to climb them but I could not. Everything was locked. He told me this joke of ping pong balls making fume while flinging from walls and I imagined. A hundred thousand ping pong balls trying to enter my body. Through nostrils, ears, the little space between eyeballs and skin. I was speechless, breathless, when I opened my mouth the balls started crawling in. The fire came closer. Heat began tingling my skin. I was still locked into the shelter. So this would be my fate, I thought, burn or be conquered by a hundred thousand ping pong balls. Isn't it funny. But I couldn't laugh. Sensation set in. It started with the cheeks and the right shoulder.  My hair, I recognised this distinctive smell, soon, all over my body, all of it would be gone. And I opened my mouth, and widened my ears and my nostrils and eyes even wider.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In my memory

In my memory I will always love you more
I will see you in a white desert
Searching for the tree
It is leafless, weightless, does bear neither fruit
Nor memory, I will add up and subtract
And love you more, it will always be more
Endless towards infinity, in my memory
Every dream will dye itself blue
To be woven into white fabric
And I will love you more in the desert
Under the tree where I keep waiting
Endlessly, in my memory 

only love

my compass forgot direction
does not remember the meaning of north
longing madly to be dragged
to this palace called only love