Friday, June 27, 2014

Beautiful with lanterns in the sky

Beautiful with lanterns in the sky
I told him it was my day
He couldn’t resist

Drawing fires into houses
Hanging birds from trees
Obsessed with feathers and leaves

He had collected the scent of autumn
The sweet swelling
A sour taste to it

I am of no importance
Better than fixed 
Under the prism of his eyes

If I had a nickel
I’d throw it
Without daring the wish

I remember something strange
We walked down the road
In a warm winter night

The picture of a blond girl
Hanging on the wall
Of a Portuguese ice cream parlour

In that moment
When all fish broke through ice
I knew to find a true friend

Whispers in the corner
I stayed away
Veiled myself with water

He is gone now
Be there, he said
And walked out of sight

Lucidity, I have to
Look up the word
In my wordless book of armor