Friday, June 27, 2014

white against white

liberty on a scarf
oh mighty, I will tackle
this attraction to Plath

days spent in a coma
of the waking dead
speak, who is it? Speak!

my name has no meaning
the world is a cup
I drink, anonymously

he eats dark pumpernickel
dark chocolate on top
he called - all the way from Germany

I never received the long distance
someone else had collected, instead
I looked at old magazines

extreme weather conditions
trees collide with cars
I watch the lake scene twice

an eye for detail
we inverse
we are very happy

Darcy dressed in quandary
I cannot resist and laugh
my head off

someone is obsessed now
with reconstructing my life
imagine, reliving my diet

there was a purple square on the scarf
my admiration

the relief of limitation, I abide
by a checkerboard
white against white

the queen also laughed
when the heads rolled
into the pond

a golden ball at the bottom
nobody’s quarry
algae on top

I saw an alabaster jar
someone must have lost it
in the spring valley

black against black
the trunk shoves the roots
deeper into darkening sky