Thursday, July 31, 2014

nostalgia and memories

that photograph taken on
a rainy day with patches
of sun and a bottle of wine
close to the river and jazz
has become
a metaphor of depth
and the reason why i
had to break up and begin
something new some thing
further from you

in my imagination
everything is red
everything is blue
and vulnerable
why do we speak at all
when we cannot touch
the magic, only
on lonely days
can we decode
the messages hidden
in the layers of buddhist
mountain monasteries
zanskar and golden heads
everyday escapees scrambling
for epiphany, not every one
can become a nun

you want to run, you say,
for the games
and for tonight’s quarries
well, fine, go ahead and run
and please take along your bucket
of useless histories
things that nobody needs
why are we so obsessed
with nostalgia and memories