Thursday, August 07, 2014

alpine mornings

I lighted an incense
to remember
alpine mornings

you desire
the mountain glow

can u imagine
to lie on a track
with a tin drum

trains keep running
over you, humming
all you can do is
to keep drumming
keep drumming

what withholds you
to stay another night
the orange light

I cannot go
where I would
they say that I am cruel
they say that I

around my neck
I wear a chain, nurtured
from the underground

it was just another conversation
little talks, look alike
no idea how much we have grasped
or slightly understood

a curse in disguise
touching my shoulder
cold fingers slipping through

the rain keeps coming
down the mountain slope
in that direction
it might even flow

they stare
at me and then at you
and then

I recognize
this is the curse
of being no stranger

I want to touch
without coming closer
I want to
think about you

you want surprise
where I can
see nothing new

I guess I’ve seen too much
layers of layers of
faked promises where
nothing holds true