Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Slowly driving by

When I opened the letter
to find out about you
I went for Voodoo
dolls and wild magic

I wanted you to die
under a car
slowly driving by
driving over you

The doll had your name
and needles in the chest
impaling your centre of
black love

Tar drops
from my eyes
into your lung

I could think of nothing
but your head
choking under boiling water

Now you are far and gone
and still find your way
back into my writing

I don’t hate you
for what you have done
to me or another one

I hate you for being
in my memory
of me wasting time

loving you
fighting you
leaving you
regretting you
cursing you
you as if I had
nothing else to do

Who made who
it’s time

to make undone