Friday, August 01, 2014

Turkish delight

When the time comes
To lock the doors
Because the Vice
Has put a ban
On laughter
I fear
The destruction of the world
Is very close
It is like in one of those
Dystopian movies
Where someone in charge
Wears a gray face to a gray suit
And explains the strictly
Political scope of freedom
To townspeople
Who listen with open mouths
And half-opened eyes
And then just sleepwalk back home
Mumbling, because nothing
Can be done, except for those
One or two on the rim
Bursting into shouts
Trying to divert
The river of time
But the stream is stronger
Currents underground
Clutch to their tiny boat
Working hard to pull it down
A tumult must be done!
Lighting of torches
Swarming out
Into the distributaries
Who cannot stand the sound
Of a woman’s
Laughter must be drowned