Thursday, August 14, 2014

close to the dead animal

the movie was so dark
I could almost watch my reflection
in every scene

chasing sweet days of innocence
a mouse in a space suit
floating around my feet

biting the peach
the fruit i relished
has never been fair

i apologize from distance
my thoughts have gone numb
drawing circles into a square

there is a new scenery
i want to watch it 
holding tea - only its steam

everything is pretentious
suddenly the russian accent is sexy
i never liked it before

i’m going transparent
watch my heart beat into my wrists
my lung breathe into my womb

he lives behind the gate
knows how to prick needles
through my left ear

i grow suspicious
of people acting serious
nothing is vital in here

an opera is drained
they say it’s relieving
minds and hearts from fear

all is more than a year
behind the calendar
nobody seems to care

i walked up to the bus
to find it deserted
only one boy sitting at the end

he did not take my hand
my thoughts are in the harbour
close to the dead animal

we migrate
creatures of sand
the grave you dug up and mine

escaped an ending
sky takes over infinity
is a game of despair

it’s all cracks - the radio
doesn’t contain 
any thing

i hear voices
taped a hundred years
into the future

trying to begin a happy ending
my frequency
strangely out of sync

the packages are lost
you never received them
maybe she didn’t give them up

everything is wrong
about needing someone
look away – then i am gone