Monday, May 18, 2015

Note to myself

First rule: Love.
Second rule: Listen to yourself and into yourself.
Third rule: Listen to others and nature to learn more about others, nature and about yourself.
Fourth rule: Don't judge. 
Fifth rule: Be patient, have faith, cry sometimes and don't forget to laugh.
Sixth rule: Learn to become someone in whom one can have faith.
Seventh rule: Be kind and forgiving, to others and to yourself.
Eighth rule: There is no such thing as a rule, a right or wrong direction, the one path. It’s your own journey and there are as many ways as there are combinations of people on this planet.
Ninth rule: Be curious and scrutinise everything.
Tenth rule: Be courageous and learn to let go - by letting go.
Eleventh rule: Accept that you are swimming in the middle of an ocean from where one can see the horizon and never reach it. But one can reach an island or a beach or a cliff from time to time.
Twelfth rule: Write, dance, paint, read, scream, go crazy and also discipline yourself and be serious about all of it.
Thirteenth rule:  Learn to walk on water.