Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I live there

I found this artist and his name is Pettibon
Like an atom in the wallpaper
He and his paintings were hidden in the shelves
Of the library just around the corner
For years I’d never go there but now I live
Between the shelves and books, Pettibon
Sounds like somet’n ‘little extra’
Something tiny, a dessert that shouldn’t be
Bt if u wouldn’t u'd regret, always

Nd I opened the layer of foil 1 to find a
Gigantic heart, pulsating in black chests
The chests of crows maybe or of priests in their uniforms
Gigantic waves of a brilliant blue
Feeding the heart and all those scallops
A thousand eyes watching the ozean’s waves, and I
Opened layer 2, saw moving letters, colour explosions,
Traces of unearthed mouths and unborn dreams
Unassociated fingers, a world assembled in
Unique combinations, recombinations,
A gigantic remake of a million giant hearts
In a tiny eternal slot, somewhere between
Wallpaper and wall of an artist’s imaginary
Shelter within a library book, on the art shelf
Traces, I live there, just around the corner