Friday, May 15, 2015

The elderly lady

There is an elderly lady who wants to drown in the garden pond of her elderly ladies’ home. Continuously one needs to run after her; one can never leave her alone.

All dressed up in her finest linen she wanders about. I can see her through the peephole of my space shuttle. There, the nurses are running again! Some people want to drown. Some people want to keep people who want to drown from drowning.

From up here, everything down there looks really small and tiny. Even incredibly wide landscapes: It would take me years to wander through them. From down there, I must look so small up here in my station. Reaching the elderly lady would be a matter of minutes for me. Reaching Mongolia would be a matter of eternity for her.

Someone shot this breath-hole into the vacuum so I can be closer to the stars.  Piano music in the background. In the foreground the world and its orbit. The sun at the edge. In relation to this part of the earth a rise. In relation to the other part a set.

The cats are hungry. I hear the sound of their bells in the garden of the elderly ladies’ home. No bird could fly so high. Sometimes one of them gives it a shot. Sometimes a jet plane shreds an animal. Clouds hanging at the lower side of the planet dissolve into rain. From my perspective, the drops fall upwards, towards the earth’s inner core.

An enormous deluge of water moves around tectonic plates and fills colossal valleys. Sometimes the planet shakes and every thing collapses. Even things that are eternally old. But the internet’s hasty data manages to endure. Some build a data highway. Some an archive of all things. Some record the current position of my space shuttle on their laptop. Relative to the sun. Her rays of light shine on a little girl at the bank of river Ganga. A bit further up they are burning the deceased. Even a bit further corpses float in the water.

The elderly lady has never been to India. She has a longing for the pond. Or for my space shuttle. The nurses are back again. The elderly lady is looking up into the dark blue sky. She keeps looking right at me.