Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Tears have grown a forest

The falcon flies
High up, behind the horizon
Never too near

I call out
Every night
Tears have grown a forest

I call out, he answers
Lost in anticipation
I am lost, my calls are

Golden threads
A lover’s net entangled in my hair
I try to catch his feet, his wings

He sleeps there, he
Breathes, he lives
There, he dies

O, falcon
Fly home
I grew for you a forest

Into darkness I built
A nest of curls, I know
One night he will sleep there

Every night
I watch his shadow’s flight
The moon watches no longer

Drunk with sadness
He hears me
Stays out of sight

So much power
He has over me
I will sleep no longer

I will speak no longer
Will mourn in silence
Till my wait is over