Saturday, November 07, 2015

In darkest night your heart is a crow

The stars grew in you
You carried them in your hair
In your heart you carried them
Your lungs breathing stardust
I followed those traces lingering in midair
Every now and then you tilted your head
A gesture of resemblance, escaping
From a faraway land, horses
Running bloody traces into sand
I had learned to read them
Making our conversations equal
In an otherwise unequal stand
A river heading towards the ocean
Drawing mysteries, black and white fairy-tales
Sleepless, restless wonderland
In my dreams I am a pillow
Bedding dreams, many shades darker than mine
The souls of all those dying
Forming a fearless lump
In a heart too young to die, you
Would jump, I know that, without hesitation
Into the thorny garden that was placed here
Five thousand years before our conversations
I am fearful for you, I am fearful
For my heart to beat in your hand
Like an injured sparrow eager to fly
We will send the creature home
Again and again cutting the cords
Weaving our organs into one blanket made of one wool
In darkest night your heart is a crow
And I shiver because you fly 
And leave me behind at the window
Gazing at stars that carry your soul