Thursday, January 05, 2017

a silent frequency

soft skin
tucked to your shoulder
gazing eyes
tiny reflections
a moving star?
endless void?
winter‘s icy dust
foretelling tomorrow‘s dreams.
foretelling tomorrow‘s screams.
only calculations
we can never be sure

can u hear the sound
my fluttering lung
breathing into your chest
i am tripping on you
dream along, my lover!
universe‘s vastness
is without end
we do not exist
beyond imagination
meaning is illusion
dust blocking my ear

feel the vibes
no one can hear
falling apart
new frequencies
i am
humming along
i am
not a singer
teach me
how to be
a musician‘s silent muse
dancing on
fragile lines
no one
has been humming before

intricate memories
carving a house we call home
inside our hearts
cold and empty rooms
filled with the warmth of rhythms
hugging us
an undercoat in winter
cooling us
in summer like the sea

oh lover, why?
do you choose to be freezing
choose to be burnt
is there a melody
when every answer is silence
we only can be
swinging along
a silent frequency
that no one will hum
and millions will hum
after we are gone