Tuesday, March 21, 2017

leftover liabilities

in early morning hours, dreams
haunt us
into trials of our imperfections
scar under my eye
eternal leftover
that once meant eternal love
now a pathway of tears
into every woman‘s cup
hidden under windows
geared towards the moon
about density of heartbeats
strange new rhythms housing silent moods
I am scared of speaking
to you, my forsaken dream
nothing is real outside
the velvet fabric
covering my sleep
i hear sorrow
in your words and cry into the melody
of a woman‘s voice
drenching my tiny room's wall
with songs about her longing and her pain
who can sleep
when the air is dense
with the heat of arguments that
remain unspoken
remain uncared for
wounded bleeding feet
carry us 
into fire
into gleaming heat
leftover liabilities
keep walking
keep your head up
search for that gorge
at the end of every creek
until you find what your soul asks for
until she is satisfied
and lets us
in her giant lap
where finally we
may halt in embrace
and fall
into deep condoning sleep