Wednesday, May 17, 2017

after midnight

seasons change
things turn
into poetry again

i find myself in dense situations
after midnight
when the house sleeps
he visits
always after midnight

i tried to erase
his impressions from my skin
slowly while waking
next to his fearful dreams
in anticipation of endings
without closure

for months on end
many moons watched over me
watched how i fed
myself to his hunger
now i am half the being
i was before

a stranger knocks on my door
walks into my prayer room
i let him in, let him see
my collection of marbles
shattered on the floor
every single one of them

every now and then
i must cut myself open
must swallow thick blood
memories that once made me smile
now stain my lips, my cheeks
my tongue is too heavy
to rhyme or to sing

i am human tragedy
drowning repeatedly
waves, skyscraper-high
crushing down on me
can you imagine the cruelty
of a single one of them?
they left me
here on purpose

he watched that
he stood at the window with the moon
he knocked on my door
he knows every thing

come and cut fruits for me instead
feed me sweet new melodies

after midnight
the sound of your song
is a safety zone
i feel sane here
without fear and madness
inside the voice of your poem
may i?
sleep next to you, stranger
and your warming fire
watch you from afar
as siblings do

i remain white
silent inside my storm
i promise i am really trying
to be wild and dancing
full of life again
i promise one day
i will again
be colourful and smiling